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Welcome to Broadway Open Stage Studio!  We are thrilled as we begin this adventure of bringing artistic variety to our local community with our BRAND NEW STUDIO in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana!

We are Broadway Open Stage Studio because we believe the world is our stage, and every child is called to  imagine, explore, and create though the arts, and find their gifts, talents, and tribe. 

We encourage dreaming, imagining, pretending, playing, smiling, exploring, struggling, failing, believing, rising, progressing, and continuously discovering as forever learners in this big wide world.

At BOSS, our stage is open…  What can we dream together? 


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check ouT our class schedule
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Building big hearts in little artists,
one smile at a time,

Open your heart.  Discover your passion.  Find your tribe.


Raise your voice! Our Music Performance program is open to all, from the tiniest-back-seat-singer to the seasoned vocalist prepping for auditions. Our program starts with sound & rhythm basics, progressing to reading music, sight-singing, song performance (individual & ensemble), & even audition technique. These classes also function as the vocal component for our Musical Theatre dance classes.


Bring the drama to BOSS! Our acting program, offers children of all ages the chance to explore their imaginations & the stage. Our younger classes focus on "make-believing" & movement, which provide a solid foundation for future work. Areas of study including building focus, impulses reactions, choices, stage movement, character development, voice work, script analysis, text scoring, scripted & self-generated work ending with a performance.


Every star needs a place to shine! Our dance program allows our dancers, from tiny to tall, to find the joy and freedom in dance. Our progressive, skills based program begins with ballet. As the dancer's body, mind, and skills progress, he/she has the freedom to choose their direction with our variety of genre offerings including tap, jazz, musical theatre, & hip hop, allowing their heart and feet to decide the dancer's they become.


Ready to flip? Our tumbling program is the perfect place to learn the art of tumbling & acrodance. Utilizing our skills based & world recognized curriculum & syllabus, students have the opportunity to enter at any age while and develop their strength, flexibility, while building their tumbling skills & technique for years to come, plus for dancers & performers, learn how to integrate their skills into routines & dances to showcase their moves!

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