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BOSS offers classes in MUSIC, THEATRE, DANCE, and TUMBLING for kids of all ages and offers a FREE TRIAL CLASS for interested students. Just fill out the form below to get started.


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Little Stars Dance

  These fun and playful classes make them perfect for tiny tots and budding ballerinas with our focus on developing gross motor skills through fun music, movement and make-believe.  

Ballet & Dance Technique

Progressive in nature, dancers will work to perfect technique, building skills based on the foundations from Classical Ballet.  

Tumble & Acro

Our classes introduce and build the strength, flexibility, and coordination skills necessary for tumbling and acro as students work to progress and advance their skills. (All levels)  

Musical Theatre & Acting

For students who love the stage, these classes integrate stage skills that focus on improving technique, building character, and ensemble work. Studetns discover how to use their bodies to tell a story as a member of an ensemble.

Little Stars Tumble

Pre-tumbling classes that focus on coordination and balance while building prerequsite tumbling skills. 

Contemporary & Hip-Hop

Students will explore movement techniques and skills from ballet, jazz and modern and/or hip-hop. These classes focus more on story-telling and expressing indivuality.

Jazz & Tap

These classes focus on the execution of specific skills and the development of complex rhythms and patterns while encouraging creativity and expression.

Music Performance

These classes offer students the ability to explore the world of singing and song performance, plus include rhythmic reading and sight singing while working on individual songs and ensemble numbers. 



"BOSS is simply amazing! The confidence instilled in the lives touched is unmeasurable. BOSS goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all of students. The dedication, skill set, and determination BOSS provides can be compared to no other! " - KIM


More Variety

We offer classes and private lessons for all ages in MUSIC, THEATRE, DANCE, & TUMBLING with many more ideas in the works. 

More Attention

With SMALLER CLASS SIZES, our classes are child-focused and provide more indivudal instuction for students. 

More Student-Specific

As a non-competing studio, we're able to meet students where they are and focus on student specific progress. We preach the only person a student needs to be better than is themselves the day before.

Instructors & Curriculum Credentials

BOSS instructors have more training, experience, and formal arts education. Many are practicing artists and all continue education. BOSS also implements well-researched, progressive, effective, age-appropriate curriculum plus tracks student progress.

More Transparency

BOSS provides upfront pricing, and registration and tuition are the only required investments. All information is published to eliminate hidden costs so parents know what they'll pay and when.

More Flexibility

BOSS is flexible with continous open enrollment and the ability to add or drop classes at anytime. We support student performers and find ways to problem solve training with outside opportunities.

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What about discounts?

At BOSS, we know every penny is valuable, which is why we try our best to make things a little bit easier by offering a wide variety of discounts to our studio families.

Check out our discounts below!

Multi-Class Discounts

The more you take, the cheaper they get!

  • Discounts built into 2 and 3 class pricing
    1 CLASS - $54 (2-6 yrs) or $59 or $64/mth (6yrs+)
    2 CLASSES - $108/mth (2-6yrs) or $114/mth (6yrs+)
    3 CLASSES - $165/mth (6yrs +)
    Additional classes $55/mth.
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Pay-In-Full Discounts

Pay in full for year and receive a discount on the full tuition rate.

  • Yearly PIF Discount - 10% off total tuition (may be stacked)

Public Service Discount

At BOSS, we appreciate those who dedicate their lives to the service of others and the community, which is why we offer 10% off total tuition for students who have a parent or guardian in the following professions:

  • Federal, state, or local government officials
  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Parish School Board Employees (includes teachers)
  • Military
  • Doctors or Nurses

Tuition Price Matching

We know every studio has different policies and rates. That's why if you decide BOSS may be a good fit for your child and our tuition rate is different, we'll match your current tuition rate. Just bring in previous bill to keep on file.

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