MT Summer Intensive 2019


Storyteller  РEmma Creel
Mama Ogre – Emmy Rome
Papa Ogre – Ava Dufrene
Little Ogre – Aubreigh Morales
Shrek – Ryleigh Smith
Captain of the Guards – Julian Naquin
Pinocchio – Chloe Callaghan
Big Bad Wolf – Emma Creel
Pig 1 – Ayden Dupas/Miles Delcambre
Pig 2 – Cohen Textor
Pig 3 – Brayden Grundmeyer
Wicked Witch – Haylee Phillips
Peter Pan – Ava Dufrene
Ugly Duckling – Breelyn Oster
Mama Bear – Eva Braud
Papa Bear – Lainey Delcambre
Baby Bear – Shelby Bordelon
Donkey – Arlie Phillips
Lord Farquaad – Amelia Naquin
Gingy – Emmy Rome
Young Fiona – Breelyn Oster
Teen Fiona – Hayden Mcneese
Princess Fiona – Kaleigh Bourque
Dragon – Hayden McNeese
Pied Piper – Aubreigh Morales
Bishop – Miles Delcambre
Dwarf – Brayden Grundmeyer
Rooster – Aubreigh Morales
Ensemble: (Ex: Duloc Performers, Woodland Creatures, Guards, and Knights)
Shelby, Eva, Emma, Lainie, Miles, Ava, Ayden, Brayden, Aubreigh, Breelyn, Haylee, Emmy, Cohen

Congratulations to our talented cast!¬† We can’t wait to see you ROCK the SHOW!